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For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact 604-278-3700

For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact 604-278-3700
Basic Facial
Obagi Facial
Vitamin C Facial
Formulated with vitamin C and amino acids, this masque exfoliates skin and protects cells from free-radical damage while tightening, detoxifying, and restoring a firm, youthful, radiant complexion.
Anti-aging Facial
Firmer, fresher and more vibrant skin at any age with 20% chemical peel and collagen mask-
35% Chemical PEEL
It Helps smooth out the appearance of fine lines and Wrinkles, ‘age spots’ and signs of sun damage. It also Decongests clogged, oily, acne prone skin. (For Maximum results, we recommend a series of six Sessions).
This rejuvenating treatment is designed to alleviate Tension in eye and sinus areas. It will soothe Irritations while helping to reduce puffiness, dark Circles and fine lines around the eyes.
Enlarged pores, blemishes that need healing quickly, Cold sores? This treatment can make an amazing Improvement to any of the above concerns. Five – Fifteen-minute treatments recommended within ten Days for best results.

Throughout the day, facial skin is exposed to many environmental elements such as the sun’s rays, dust, and small environmental impurities that wear it down and make it dirty. These factors can irritate the skin and make it more susceptible, which can lead to premature aging if not properly cared for. For this, the best way to care for facial skin is a facial.

A facial treatment consists of removing dead skin cells, impurities, and environmental factors that affect the skin to keep it smooth and luminous. Also, it is a cleansing that brings many benefits to the skin and is essential to maintain its vitality and therefore should not be missing in any beauty routine.

As the skin of the face is always exposed to many environmental elements that affect it and this is something we can not avoid, such as pollution, weather, sun, etc. And without proper hygiene, these can cause problems in the short and long term. However, other elements also influence the quality of the skin that is in our hands, such as food and makeup.

Therefore, it is essential to perform a deep facial cleansing regularly, at least once a month. Here are the main benefits of a facial.

Removes impurities from the skin

Although doctors recommend washing our face frequently and using special soaps for facial skin, this only cleans the surface of the skin but does not remove all impurities, such as dead skin cells, and if these are not removed they can cause problems such as acne.

Maintains a healthy pH

The pH is a fundamental factor in the skin, and to have a face free of acne, blemishes, or other problems, we must maintain a healthy pH. The pH range in the skin should be between 4.7 and 5.7, and to have a pH in this range, you must keep the skin well hydrated. Besides, a balanced pH helps the skin look healthier and avoids problems of dryness, redness, among others.

Helps to regenerate the skin

The skin regenerates daily while we sleep, but for this, it must be able to breathe well. And the main cause of premature aging of the skin is clogged pores, as this does not allow the skin to oxygenate. Therefore, a facial helps to open the pores so that the skin can breathe and regenerate properly during the night.

Open the pores

Generally, acne and blackheads are generated because the pores are clogged with impurities. Also, this can lead to excess oiliness because clogged pores prevent the skin from oxygenating and regenerating itself. However, professionals apply special treatments and creams to clean all the impurities and open the pores so that you have a smoother and healthier complexion.

Rejuvenates the skin

In a facial, products specially designed for the complexion are applied, so they are made with vitamins and components that stimulate the production of collagen, which rejuvenates the complexion making it look brighter and decreases the depth of wrinkles.

These are the main benefits that a facial brings to the skin, making it look and feel smoother and glowing. Undoubtedly, applying this type of treatment will give vitality to your skin.


I have been going to Jenny for the last few months for legs and underarm laser, and I could not be happier with the results. She and the entire profile team are very inviting and professional. Jenny makes sure to answer all of my questions and I would highly recommend her and the services to anyone. If you're looking into laser hair removal, definitely look into Jenny and the profile team!!


I can not say enough good things about Profile Laser. I always feel so welcome from Marnie at the front desk to getting my services done with Talia. I've also had facials with Victoria and she is awesome!
Talia is the absolute sweetest and most caring person and takes pride in making you feel comfortable and pampered.

Thank you so much for exceptional service ladies!


I get monthly facials here that are also offered at other locations. However, I go to Profile because of Cigalle. She always addresses my skin concerns by adjusting the treatment to best fit my skin. Also, she's honest about products, makes skincare recommendations based on ingredients that I like, and provides samples. Overall, she's an absolute angel.


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