Cosmetic Injection & Dermal Fillers Richmond, BC

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Cosmetic Injection®

Is being used for:

  1. Reduce forehead and nose lines
  2. Lessen crows-feet (small lines around the eyes)
  3. Lift the eyebrow
  4. Reduce tiny wrinkles around the lip
  5. Eliminate or lessen chin dimples
  6. Alleviate pain and excessive sweating

Fillers are being used for:

  1. Treat moderate to deep wrinkles around the mouth
  2. Treat facial lines
  3. Add volume to lips, cheeks, jawline, chin, and temple
  4. Re-contour the chin and lower face

Profile has teamed up with Dr. Monam Ravaghi.

Dr. Monam graduated from UBC and completed her residency at St.Paul’s Hospital. She trained with one of top doctors in Las Vegas, California and Arizona providing Cosmetic Injection® facial cosmetics and fillers.

Her academic and medical achievements have been recognized with many awards, including the Young Researcher Award from the President of the medical school , recognition by the school’s dean for outstanding academic achievement, moral character and citizenship, and she received the Outstanding Student Scholarship from her medical school the maximum allowable number of years. She won numerous other awards for academic and scientific achievement, and graduated at an early age from high school, university and medical school.

She helps train residents and serves as an examiner for medical board exams.