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“I had a microdermabrasion facial done by Karel Miller and absolutely love it! She takes the extra time to find out if I have any concerns or issues regarding my face before beginning a treatment. I love the expertise advise she provides on the various types of facials available and the best one suited for my skin type and needs, based upon the input I provide her. I have full faith in Karel when she does my facials and am always happy with the end results. She’s gotten me so hooked on the facials that I’m a regular customer who returns every 8 weeks for this service. Karel is very professional and knowledgeable in the esthetics field and to top it off she has fabulous skin herself! That’s one thing I always consider before investing in any type of esthetics I always look at the individuals skin and overall appearance, because if they look good then they’re going to make sure I’ll look good and it indicates to me that they are well informed on the services they provide. If you’re considering a facial I would highly recommend Profile Esthetics!”


I’ve had many services at Profile for the past several years. Since I discovered this magnificent place to pamper myself, I have not even considered going to any other place! The staff is super friendly, the ambiance is surreal, tranquil, and soothing and above all the service is professional and excellent. I often see Merry, the owner and manager, for my advanced skincare services. She is knowledgeable about all the new trends in skincare, and above all she is caring, friendly, and professional. I’ve also had the opportunity to see other staff occasionally at Profile for other services and they all convey the same feel of professionalism and competence. To say I feel incredibly pampered and floated each time that I visit Profile would be an understatement and I would highly recommend this place for all advanced laser skin care services as well as facial, mani and pedi. Well done guys and thank you!!!


I have been a customer and supporter of Profile Esthetics and Electrolysis for 20 years.  During that time I have seen the business change hands, grow in staff, expand in services offered, and change the look and feel of the brick and mortar part of the business several times; all without missing a beat.

Their customer service is far, far above average.  It feels a little like coming ‘home’ whenever I stop by.  All staff are polite, take care to remember names, ensure as to personal comfort and satisfaction and are very, very good at what they do.

There is lively conversation if that is what you are looking for, or blessed silence if that is more in keeping with the treatment being given.  The staff all enjoy what they do and it shows in the care given each and every visit.

Merry and her team are all highly ethical, kind, compassionate and seem to just love their line of work.  They are always happy to see me, have cold water at the ready, and don’t ever keep me waiting for my appointment.  Their daily scheduling pretty much runs like clockwork.

The gentling music that filters throughout the shop is relaxing and helps one surrender to the treatment at hand.

Over the years I believe I’ve sampled every service offered, and there has not been one treatment received that I wouldn’t whole heartedly recommend.  If asked which the best spa in Richmond is, I’d recommend Profile, and only Profile.  For a facial.  Or manicure.  Or laser hair removal.  Or a myriad of other delights.

I am so happy that Merry and her amazing staff have been nominated for this honor.

Many thanks,

Sharon Scott

September 23, 14

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Profile Esthetic Care – Merry Zolfaghari

A friend introduced me to Merry and Profile in 2006.  Initially, the treatment I was interested in was laser hair removal therapy but soon when I saw all that was available in progressive skin care I began skin rejuvenating sessions and saw dramatic improvements.

What sets Profile apart from most laser skin care salons is Merry’s dedication to excellence and her constant desire to offer the best and most cutting edge service to her clientele.  After my first session I had some discomfort and called the office to ask some questions.  Within minutes Merry called me back answered my questions and gave me her mobile number so that I may reach her throughout the weekend in case I experienced some problems.

Since that first visit to Profile eight years ago, I have had many different treatments and have come to rely on Merry to keep me informed about what’s new, what’s out there in the market and what is safe.  I am also a regular customer for manicures and non-laser facials, which Profile handles with the same forward thinking approach as their laser therapies.

They are by far the best salon I’ve even been to and would recommend them to anyone seeking to unveil a more rejuvenated version of themselves.

Natasha Baron


I have been going to Jenny for the last few months for legs and underarm laser, and I could not be happier with the results. She and the entire profile team are very inviting and professional. Jenny makes sure to answer all of my questions and I would highly recommend her and the services to anyone. If you're looking into laser hair removal, definitely look into Jenny and the profile team!!


I can not say enough good things about Profile Laser. I always feel so welcome from Marnie at the front desk to getting my services done with Talia. I've also had facials with Victoria and she is awesome!
Talia is the absolute sweetest and most caring person and takes pride in making you feel comfortable and pampered.

Thank you so much for exceptional service ladies!


I get monthly facials here that are also offered at other locations. However, I go to Profile because of Cigalle. She always addresses my skin concerns by adjusting the treatment to best fit my skin. Also, she's honest about products, makes skincare recommendations based on ingredients that I like, and provides samples. Overall, she's an absolute angel.


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