Profile Safety Plan for Covid-19

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We want to assure the public that we have taken the appropriate measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff and customers.

We have initiated a COVID-19 response plan that includes:

Our clinic doors will remain locked. Clients are asked to arrive on time for their appointment where they will remain outside or in their vehicle and phone us to let us know of their arrival. When we are ready for them, we will provide them with the COVID-19 consent form and screening tool to complete (see attached Patient and Staff Consent Profile COVID-19 2020-11- 20). If any symptoms are identified during the screening procedure, we will require the client to cancel the appointment that day and rebook when the client is better.
All staff and clients will have their temperature checked by an FDA-approved non-contact infrared forehead thermometer and will be denied entry if they have a fever (38°C (100°F) or higher)

Our staff will be pre-screened a few times a day. We will not allow any staff who has symptoms to come to work.
All clients are required to wear a mask or facial covering at our location. If the client. We will provide masks for clients who have not brought their own.

Our staff will wear a surgical mask, gloves, & a face shield. For services that require close contact over extended periods and where clients cannot wear masks, our staff will wear N95/N99 face masks with medical goggles or face shields.
The clients are not allowed to wait at the establishment. They could wait in the car or outside until they are called upon for their appointment. There will be extended time between clients for staff to disinfect as well as to limit the number of clients inside the premises at one time.

All the treatments will be offered in a separate and private room to each client.
We will be sanitizing equipment, all treatment surfaces, washrooms, and public areas on a regular basis and after each treatment.
Fraser Health-approved; hospital-grade disinfectant products are being used in our cleaning protocol.
Hand Sanitizer and disinfectant wipes have also been provided in the public waiting area.

All treatment rooms have access to a sink and soap. Staff is required to wash their hands at least for 20 seconds using appropriate protocols as suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO) before and after treatments and before putting their mask on and before taking the mask off. The staff are also required to wash or sanitize hands after coming into contact with public items.

We are using disposable sheets, disposable paper towels, and disposable facial sheets for each client.

All staff have completed and have become certified BARBICIDE® Certified by Safe Service Establishment ( We have done this to demonstrate our commitment to the safety of our clients and employees. The owner has also completed the Level 2 BeautySafe for estheticians through Beauty Council.

Clients will not be able to hang their jackets or personal items in the public area. Clients are asked to limit what they bring with them inside the clinic and to keep their jackets and personal items on their person at all times (or leave them in their car).

We will not be providing any communal refreshments or light snacks (i.e., no tea, coffee, or water dispenser). We will have plastic water bottles in their original packing in case it is needed. We have also removed all product samples, brochures, and business cards.

We have asked our clients and staff to keep communication to a minimum where possible in order to avoid any spread of droplets.
All staff have been trained for proper use of the mask and face shield and their disposal.

We have installed Plexiglass with an appropriate gap for payment at the front desk using a wireless pin pad (no cash exchanges are allowed). A similar setup has been installed for an individual nail service in a private room.

Staff have their own individual locker to keep their personal belongings. Upon arrival, they will wear formal work scrubs. We will have these items removed and laundered at the end of each workday.

Our staff will be maintaining social distancing in the clinic. We have arranged scheduling in a way to comply with the 2-meter social distancing guidelines between staff.

We have recommended to our staff and clients to avoid touching their faces (eyes, nose, and mouth) and shaking hands.


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Profile Laser & SkinCare COVID-19 Safety Plan
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